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Charles Sullivan

Charles Sullivan is a writer, philosopher, and writing and philosophy instructor. He teaches ethics, creative writing, and composition at
Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon. Charles received an MA in Philosophy in 1996 from The University of British Columbia with an emphasis on moral philosophy and environmental ethics, and he earned an MA in English in 2000 from Portland State University with an emphasis on creative writing and composition.

His writings have appeared in Playboy, Skeptical Inquirer, The Writer Magazine, and The Secular Web. You can read these articles by clicking the images below under WRITINGS. His first book, written with archaeologist Cameron M. Smith, is The Top 10 Myths About Evolution.

He is currently working on a new book that critiques superstitious New Age beliefs.

You can also visit his MYSPACE page, where things are a little nuttier.

You can also read Charles' Blog.


The Top 10 Myths about Evolution

This pro-evolution book, released in 2007 by Prometheus Books, debunks ten common misunderstandings about evolution.

Getting the Monkey Off Darwin's Back: Four Common Myths about Evolution

This article appeared in the May/June 2005 issue of The Skeptical Inquirer

Four Myths about Darwin's Theory: and Why They Are Wrong

This article is a very short account of four myths about evolution that appeared in the February 2006 issue of Playboy

5 Tips for Writing Popular Science

This article appeared is the July 2006 issue of The Writer Magazine

Five Bad Evolutionary Designs

The Secular Web

A Feature article at The Secular Web, November 2007

This is a PDF file of Charles' philosophy Master's thesis:
Moral Standing in Environmental Ethics

This is a PDF file of Charles' creative English Master's thesis.
A novella called:
The Long Road Home

What People Are Saying About The Top 10 Myths

"A modest proposal to reverse the national great leap backwards: I say we all familiarize ourselves with the compelling, crystalline logic of "The Top Ten Myths about Evolution." Then, let's do our best to connect with those who have yet to accept the ancient legacy of life on earth as revealed by Darwin and affirmed in countless ways by the generations of science ever since."
-----Ann Druyan, co-author with Carl Sagan of Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

"Passionate in their support of evolutionary science, the authors nonetheless adopt a straightforward and ecumenical approach, precisely distilling each hot-button issue to its cogent essence. The result is a meticulously researched and distinctly presented overview of a complex and contentious issue.... A clear, understandable approach makes this an excellent student resource."
-----Booklist, publication of the American Library Association

"The Top 10 Myths About Evolution... sets the record straight on popular but erroneous notions that continue to mislead the average American."
-----Publishers Weekly, The International Voice for Book Publishing and Bookselling

"Smith and Sullivan have done an admirable job of presenting a simple, lucid guide while avoiding the many potential pitfalls that dot this volatile issue."
-----Sandy Amazeen, Book Critic, Monsters and Critics

"This meticulously researched myth-buster's handbook will dispel the ten most common misconceptions about evolutionary science."
-----Eureka Alert!, the online voice of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Read the Introduction and a sample chapter as a PDF file courtesy of Prometheus Books.

Order a copy online from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Powell's Books